About Click Money System

Click Money System didn't appear out of thin air. It's the result of several years of hard work by a team led by two old-school traders who founded the company in early 2018. They felt inspired by the world of Bitcoin, saw the potential that the future held for trading, and wanted to help move things along. They decided that the best way for them to do that was to help introduce new traders into the industry, and thus the concept for Click Money System was born.

Recruiting a Team

They wanted to build a platform that took all of the intimidating aspects of trading out of the equation. This meant no unreadable charts and graphs and no fancy industry terminology.

It was a large undertaking and not one they could do themselves. They made the decision to try and recruit a team of professionals from all walks of the trading landscape.

Economists, analysts, professional traders, and developers were all brought on board. A team this diverse meant that they had several different voices from different walks of life. This proved crucial in the endeavors to make Click Money System one of the most accessible trading platforms.

Smart Phones


The development of Click Money System kicked off towards the end of 2018, and initially, things were going very well. The barebone of Click Money System was easy to implement, giving it a strong basis. But this is where the project encountered a bit of trouble. The team wanted to build their very own platform from the ground up.

They knew this was a giant undertaking, and yet they underestimated it. The better part of 2019 was all spent on developing the platform. Every time they made progress, it seemed like some other part would break. It was incredibly frustrating, but they didn't lose hope. Eventually, they managed to get the platform up and running. It was stable.

With the biggest obstacle out of the way, all they had to do was fine-tune the user interface (UI) and apply a coat of polish. Late 2019 and early 2020 were completely taken up by this endeavor. They worked through New Year’s to make sure they were able to launch as soon as possible.

Of course, the world had other plans instead. Coronavirus hit in March of 2020, and they were forced to pause despite being so close to the finish line. The team decided to use this opportunity to take a well-deserved break, and development resumed in July. Transitioning to working remotely wasn't too difficult, although it did slow things down considerably.

Eventually, they got there. They’ve now launched, receiving great responses that made them jump with joy. The platform has exceeded all their expectations and then some, which is really saying something.

The team feels that there is no nobler goal than helping new traders to learn and hopefully improve their skills, and they're going to continue developing the platform to support that ideal.